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Type of article


Materials used

SMOOTH DOOR: 1.With class E1 melamine panel with rounded edges with ABS 15/10 thickness, wood type finishes or matt and glossy lacquered colors as standard.
MIRROR DOOR: Door Mod. UNO 0.4 glass glued on a 1.4 cm melamine panel.
HINGED GLASS DOOR: 0.4 mm Murano GLASS door glued to a 1.4 cm melamine panel and fixed at the upper / lower ends with mirror stop in polished metal.
SLIDING GLASS DOOR: Doors with 0.4 mm tempered and / or silk-screened glass with anti-breaking film applied on the back. Perimeter aluminum handles or panel th. 18 with aluminum handles on the long sides from 2.5 to 4 cm thick, for WINDOW type doors the frame is in 2.5 cm thick melamine, wood type or matt / glossy lacquered, equipped with a PVC gasket.

SHELVES (WARDROBES) : Melamine panel th.3.5 cm SAND or matt lacquered standard colors. Edged c/ paper board 4/10 and ABS 10/10.
BACKRESTS (WARDROBES): Panel of MD lacquered SAND 1 side th.0,5 cm. For model LAIT fiber panel th. 0.3 cm lacquered SAND color.
BASE AND HAT (WARDROBES): Panel melamine th. 2.5 cm SAND (for Mod. Lait th. 1,8), edged with paper edge by 4/10 and ABS edge by 4/10 .
SIDES (WARDROBES): Melamine panel th.2,5 cm (for Mod. Lait th. 1,8 without profile)
STANDARD COLORS edged forward with edge in ABS th.4/10; Wardrobe Model Hinged is equipped with a profile in MDF wrapped. Both equipped with hardware and levelling feet.
DRAWER FRONT: Melamine panel th.1,8-2,8cm STANDARD finish with edge in ABS th.10/10 with pre-hole for external handle on drawer.
DRAWER (inside): 4-sided structure covered with PVC light brown 3D texture effect with mediumdensity fiber bottom.

HINGES AND BASES (containers): cushioned in steel with double height and depth adjustment.
HINGES AND BASES (wall): cushioned in steel with double height and depth adjustment.
GUIDES FOR DRAWERS: “Push to open” and "Stop Control / Silent System" metal guide with end-of-stroke locking, easy opening-closing, height adjustment system and “soft” closing.
SHELF HOLDERS (containers): black plastic accessory with nickel colored screw, to be assembled.
SHELF SUPPORTS (wall): nickel-colored metal, “bayonet” type.
ASSEMBLY JOINTS: in steel formed by bush, pin, bush and grain.
CLOTHES HANGER TUBES: nickel-colored metal, 1.5 x 2.2 cm section or 1x3 cm lacquered iron in various lengths.
HANDLES: of different shapes and materials sent with neck separated from the rest.

SPECIFIC WOOD MATERIALS: IN THE MELAMINE VERSION: Class E1 wood particle board (low formaldehyde content), melamine coated with wood-like melamine paper, standard colors;
IN THE MATT LACQUERED VERSION: Class E1 wood particle board (low formaldehyde content), coated with melamine paper and / or lacquered with water or polyurethane, UV and non-toxic acrylic paints;
IN THE GLOSS LACQUERED VERSION: Class E1 wood particle board (low formaldehyde content), melamine coated with melamine paper and / or lacquered with polyurethane, UV, or non-toxic acrylic paints.

If the article is completed with electronic accessories (TV or LED lighting) provided by GIESSEGI ensure that they are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. In particular, ensure that clothing or other flammable material is located at a minimum distance of 30 cm. If there is the presence of TV rotation devices, these must be well anchored according to the manufacturer’s instructions and in any case no additional loads must be added or stresses and strains applied, as they could disrupt the fixings with consequential risk of falling. Keep them out of reach of the CHILDREN.

Use and Maintenance

Assembly and installation

Preliminary information for use:
The product is supplied packaged to prevent damage, however it must be handled with care and avoid knocks and falls that could damage the product. For handling it is recommended to use mechanical or manual equipment in order to limit the effort.
Do not expose it to bad weather or extreme environmental situations (temperatures <0 ° C or> 35 ° C; relative humidity> / = 70%).
When opening the packaging, do not use sharp objects (cutters) and pay the utmost attention not to damage the product
For the products to be assembled, contact specialized personnel

After the first year of use and every two years it is advisable to adjust the screws, check that there is no damage to the product.

The furniture must be anchored to supports of proven solidity, paying attention to the choice of the dowel (both in terms of capacity and type of support e.g. drilled, plasterboard, solid masonry, concrete), and the relative instructions for use of the dowel itself. Any presence of the dowel provided by the manufacturer is to be understood only as a "courtesy gift" so it does not claim to be suitable.

Use of product

The use of the product must comply with the type of indoors product and with temperatures between 0 ° C and 35 ° C; relative humidity less than or equal to 70%. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or sources of heat, which could accelerate its obsolescence as well as modify its brightness and uniformity of color and external finishes. Avoid collisions with hard or sharp objects on the surfaces.

The article is designed to support the weights and stresses normally applicable in the common use of the item type.
In particular: the SHELVES have a maximum capacity of 50 kg /mq with evenly distributed weight;
the DRAWERS have a maximum capacity of 20 kg /mq with evenly distributed weight; the HANGERS have a capacity of 20 kg with evenly distributed weight; the possible presence of the "servetto" in order to facilitate the use of the hanger at higher levels has a maximum capacity declared by the manufacturer of 12 kg; The REMOVABLE SHELVES have a maximum capacity of 10 kg/m2 with evenly distributed weight.


To clean the “wooden” surfaces of the article, use a cotton or wool cloth or a non-abrasive cloth, soaked in water and then wrung out (not dripping); then wipe with a dry (non-abrasive) cloth to dry the surface. Do not scrub quickly and repeatedly. Where the dirt is stubborn it is possible to use household detergents. DO NOT USE ACIDS OR INDUSTRIAL DETERGENTS WHICH COULD DAMAGE THE PRODUCT. For metal components only, it is possible to use industrial solvents as long as they are compatible with the finishes and using non-abrasive supports. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO USE ELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS FOR CLEANING

Any additional information

The fixing details are made of DD11 steel according to EN 10111, powder coated. The tubes are of CE marked origin according to UNI EN 10219 - EN 10210. Mirrors: they are made with Light Silver Glass 4 mm film, in compliance with UNI EN 1036.
Laminated Glass: made of 4mm Silver Grey Europe glass, interlayer PVB 0.38mm, 4mm Silver Grey Europe glass, classified 2B according to EN12600. Tempered glass: made of annealed 4mm glass or laminated glass (4 mm glass +interlayer PVB 0.38mm +4mm glass) annealed classified 2B2 according to EN12600.

In the event of the presence of mirrors or glass in general, in the event of a bruise, proceed with the removal of the damaged part either by contacting specialized personnel or by using suitable anti-cut gloves.

Where door sliding devices are provided, make sure that they function correctly and frequently clean and vacuum up dust and accumulations that could obstruct the correct sliding.

Dangerous substances

The panels used for the structure have formaldehyde emission class E1. There are no dangerous substances to report pursuant to Reg (EU) 1907/2006 (REACH)

Life cycle

Although the product can keep its functions for a long period, if used in compliance with this sheet, it is nevertheless designed by the manufacturer to guarantee its technical and aesthetic performance for a maximum period of 4 years.

Information on end-of-use disposal

At the end of use, the product must be delivered to authorized waste treatment / disposal facilities, in accordance with current legislation

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